Back Up Plan for Power Outrage


Electricity carry into every aspect of our lives, in our daily life, no matter household equipment or outdoor travel, we can hard to inseparable from the power. The power goes out, bad weather may the main reason of the home power outrage. Such as the blizzard, hurricane. To better protect the house and your families, prepare a complete back-up plan in advance, which can help you to keep long-term power.


Focus on the broadcast to pay attention the real weather condition, to check out what’s weather in your region, then make an emergency plan, inform your families about what to do at the beginning, middle and the last stage of power outrage.


Firstly, you can judge the source of power outage, check if the power outrage only appear at you home, whether your neighbor's power still on the go, if they still power, the issue may on the circuit breaker or fuse. For your safety, call the local power sector to deal it.

You need to let the whole house electricity equipment disconnect the power,let the refrigerator to be charged by generator to protect the food, turn off all the supplies and electronic equipment, to prevent damage from a power surge when power is restored.

Electricity is the most important part that connect all. Before the power outrage, you should store power into the generator in advance, I recommend high power solar power station to gain energy to power home devices.You’d better have a solar panel, which main absorb energy from solar, non-pollution, create a eco-friendly environment.Before buy a generator, you should compare multiple brands to analyze which one with high quality. After you get one, you need to read the manual instruction to use It. Actually, it generally have a wide application, not only for the home emergency, but also for your outdoor trip. You can gain both power and net, connect the net world news.

Another necessities is flashlight, some of the ingredients in candles is harmful for people, no safety. Instead, people should buy flashlights. make sure you and your families keep a flashlight on hand and where everyone can find it, can as a signal (SOS). Better stay away from water, with the weather of rainstorm, water can conducts electricity, many relevant news such as someone lose their life when touch the water in the thunderstorm.

Prepare a ultimate emergency kit, such as first-aid kit, water, food, cash, power station, flash light, sleeping bag, wearing and key.


After the power outage, check whether the food in the refrigerator still can be enjoy, rotten food needs to be thrown away promptly, for you and your families health. people should take actions to get back to normal. Don’t direct plug all the appliances when the power come back. It better to leave some time.Wait 10 to 15 minutes, in order to avoid getting caught by any surges as everything comes back online.