How to Host Your Family Outdoor Picnic Day?

There's nothing quite like a joyful and playful picnic with the entire family. Outdoor picnics are great all year round. Outdoor picnic is a relaxing activity, an excursion to enjoy the great outdoors with the family. Everyone gathers in one place, such as parks, forests and other spacious places, where there are a lot of open spaces, we can enjoy the comfortable wind, cook, enjoy lunch, play games together, and spend a whole day of happiness and memories. people generally choose a sunny day for picnics. Although these picnics are just parties on the surface, they have great significance in our lives. They allow us to take a break from our busy daily routines and spend time with our families, which is so important to our physical and mental health. In this blog I'm going to talk about how to host a great family outdoor picnic day.

Benefits of Participating in a Family Picnic Day

Mood- Memories gathered at family outdoor picnics will be moments you will treasure throughout your life. Outdoor picnic not only frees you from the dull days, but also has no other bad mood to disturb, you will divert your attention from the busy work to the picnic travel, capture the joy from picnic, and let you spend a good time with your family time. A complete outdoor picnic trip can be a good way to adjust your state and find the meaning of life. When you have a good picnic, you will draw energy, find a rhythm that suits your life, you will study better, work better.

Relationship- As you grow up, you can find that you spend less and less time with your family. From meeting each other every day to see several times one year now, you have little contact with your family due to various reasons at work and only communicate with them through video calls. Know what's going on, and even electronic devices are more closely related to you. Online contact is not as good as offline contact. Outdoor picnics can promote the relationship between you and your family. You have more space to have a chat with your family, talk about interesting things in life and future plans of yourself, and share each other's feelings. In the panic, you can cook and eat together, play games together, increase your interaction with your family, and get to know each other better. Time is precious, leave time to enjoy picnic trips with your family!

Sight- When you've picked the right spot for your family outdoor picnic, imagine that, a beautiful piece of land on the banks of a river. Surrounding it was a large green field, full of shrubs and trees. A clear brightly blue sky where the river and the sky meet on the horizon. A cool breeze blows from the river to the shore, the leaves fall against the wind, and the sound of cicadas chirping is a mesmerizing sight to imagine. Enjoy the gifts of nature, breathe fresh air, and you can feel the soul of nature.

Experience- Family outdoor picnic travel enriches your life experience. When children play together, you can't predict any potential dangers. When you encounter some small problems in the process, you can respond flexibly and increase life skills. Or maybe it is your first experience of cooking outdoors with your family during the trip. During the outdoor picnic, you will find out what necessities are missing, and you will have experience to plan. These lessons will pay off on your next outdoor trip.

So How do you Host a Family Outdoor Picnic Day? I'll Share some Ideas for you.

1.Make a plan- Before you host your outdoor family picnic, you need to make a plan thoroughly. You need to choose the right time and make sure the weather is sunny. Confirm the suitable location, plan the route, and shorten the travel time. Take an inventory of your belongings and check for missing items. Confirmation of family members who can travel. If family members cannot travel under special circumstances, the number of carry-on items can be reduced according to the situation. Plan the content of activities on the activity day. 

2.Carry necessities- Portable solar power station(with many family members and large demand for electricity, a solar power station can solve the power demand of your electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, coffee machines, etc.); Solar panels(Connect with solar power station, can generate electricity all the time); kettle (necessary),picnic cloth,basket, food(Some of the most popular foods at a picnic include sandwiches or sliders, cold fruit or vegetable salads, dips, sweet pies, and cakes.), small kitchen utensils, small oven, chairs (activity), plates, cups, fan, first aid kit, etc.

3.Funny activities- Jenga, use building blocks to build a tower, each floor of tower is based on three, players take out a block in turn, if the tower falls, the player loses game; Music chair, place chairs according to the number of players, when the music sound was turned on and players start playing walk around, if the music stops, players need to sit on a chair in time, and who fail to sit on the chair are passed; Hide and seek, according to the result of the guessing game, the losing player needs to wear an eye mask, and catch the remaining players within the specified field range; Lawn dice , shake the number by large dice and divide the grid, move the grid according to the size of the number, and the first to arrive is the winner.

4.Remind- Children in outdoor picnics maybe face any potential dangers. Before outdoor picnic, children need to be informed in advance of which places they cannot go and which dangerous objects cannot be touched, and they should play carefully. It is also necessary to remind adults to be optimistic about children and pay more attention to children and the elder.


Personally, outdoor food always tastes better than indoor food. Now it is the right time to go outdoor for a picnic with your family!