How to keep refrigerator cold when power outrage?

When we face a sudden power outrage, we always caught off guard, we can hard to forecast when the emergency appear, so prepare in advance appears to be particularly important. We generally use refrigerator to protect food not to be spoiled. Each food has its shelf life, to longer their fresh period by refrigerator can effectively save the food. But most homeowners have the doubt that how to keep refrigerator cold without power? Today I will make a list about the way of keeping refrigerator cold. Let’s move on.

Close the refrigerator door

Don’t let the cold air leak , the first thing you need to do that is keep the refrigerator and the freezer closed. You should reduce the times of opening the refrigerator door, the more frequency you open the door, the more cold air will be consumed. If the refrigerator doors stay closed, food will stay safe for up to 4 hours, the same as 48 hours in a full freezer, 24 hours in a half-full freezer.

Actually, temperature influence the food fresh degree. If food was in long-term exposed to the high temperature (above 40F) over one or two hours, that need to be throw out for protect your families eating health. Special food still can be saved in the same situation over two hours such as some bread, fruit , vegetable etc. But I don’t suggest you taste first for test whether the food is fresh, it has potential for the food poisoning.

Dont take your food outside

Even though in the condition of winter or cold weather, don’t try to bring your food in your backyard. Although the outside temperature is extremely low, sunlight is everywhere, as scientists prove that once freezer food touch the sunlight, will cultivate bacteria, which harm to human health to a certain extent. Due to the fluctuate outside temperature, avoid the sun radiation is crucial for keep food safety, the brilliant way is still put the food in the refrigerator. Expose your food may attract the animal attention and come to enjoy your food as their meal.

Temperature insulation

Cover up your fridge and freezer by blanket, towel or any other materials, which will effectively insulate the temperature of fridge from outside heat, keep your food longer safety. The principle is adding materials as a barrier to block off the outside high temperature, use your insulate materials, wrap the refrigerator tightly with insulation to isolate the bottom of the refrigerator from the floor. In fact, this way may not preserve your food in the long time but can keep them for several hour. Please note that don’t forget to unplug the power once you go outdoor or sleep.

Use dry ice

Prepare dry ice is the best solution to keep your perishable food not to be spoiled when power outrage. Dry ice, can be the alternatives that serve for your freezer and refrigerator if necessary. Once face the power cut and you need to place the dry ice on the top shelf of the freezer and the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. The dry ice will keep your perishables products at the lower temperature to keep them safe. Merchants normally choose dry ice to protect food when transporting perishable products. Dry ice has the risk, its essence is carbon dioxide, once the carbon dioxide melt in a small space, will produce harmful gas in the air, so please pay attention to use dry ice, it better to wear insulating gloves to protect your skin.

Solar power station

Prepare solar power station as home back up power, without electricity, solar power station can still work, you only need to plug your refrigerator into the outlet of solar power station then keep let your device operation. The higher power of the solar power station you bought, the longer period will your food to be protected well. This back up power resource not only safe for home use, but also compatible, beside refrigerator, other devices like fan, light and laptop. Someone have doubt that if the power of solar power station was completely consumed, how can they still keep the refrigerator in a long time to be recharged? Solar power station need to gain endless electricity by solar energy , use with solar panel can constantly absorb sunlight to charge device, so I suppose you to buy high-power one for better use.

Buy a thermometer 

Thermometer is a nice way to test whether the food is safety to eat. According to the data of thermometer, if the temperature of the refrigerator not reach 40F, that mean the food still can be use, and if your freezer at or below 0F, your perishable products can also be nice save. Bring the appliance thermometers into both your refrigerator and freezer is a optimal way in the event of a power outage. A big benefit of it that when the fridge or freezer has warmed to an unsafe point without any power, when the perishable foods can be throw out and when them can be consumed. 


Food is basic part in our life , no matter which situation, prepare anything in advance. Hope this article can help you!