ISPO (Munich, Germany), Some Lithium Battery and Outdoor relevant Activity

What is the first word that comes to mind when we think of the outdoors? Sport, challenge, or recreation?

Outdoor enthusiasts may think of mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and paragliding. But why is lithium batteries associated with outdoor activities here? That is of course when we choose to go on vacation, many outdoor activities will also become our first choice, for example, camping, travel, etc. In these outdoor activities, we often need to take into account the problem of electricity, so how to make good use of our lithium batteries for power supply while traveling, let's take a look!

The role of lithium batteries in camping:

Mobile power: Charge our cell phones, computers and other devices to make life on the road more exciting. But carry a suitable charging cable and make sure the lithium battery you carry is fully charged.

Solar panel: the common way to use it is to use it with solar panel, using solar panel to capture solar energy to store it in the battery for use, which is what we call the solar off-grid system, which can prolong the camping time without the limitation of the power supply, which makes it a faithful companion in your journey. Specific operation: Connect the solar panel to a lithium battery or portable power station and unfold the panel to charge in the sunlight.

LED camping lights, headlamps and flashlights: make sure that these lighting devices are rechargeable, and bring the appropriate charging a good, connected to the battery for charging, camping no longer need to be afraid of the dark.

Cooking equipment will vary depending on the type of camping; if it's a non-caravan type then the equipment may be a little simpler, but either way, the SANFOU LIFEPO4 battery will work well to provide the power needed.

Electric Stove: Connect the stove to a high capacity lithium battery, check the power requirements to ensure that the battery capacity supports the cooking time, and don't forget to check that the battery and equipment parameters match to ensure normal use.

Portable Refrigerator: Connect the refrigerator to the lithium battery using the dedicated power cord. Pre-cool the refrigerator and keep it powered during the camping trip.

Always keep an eye on the batteries during use: remaining capacity and consumption to avoid running out of power while camping.
Temperature Management: Avoid using lithium batteries in extreme temperatures. High or low temperatures can affect the performance and life of the battery. In extreme cold weather, keep the battery in a warm place.

Store batteries properly:
Dry and Ventilated: Store lithium batteries in a dry and ventilated environment, away from moisture and direct sunlight.
State of Charge: Keep the battery at about 50% of its capacity for long term storage to prolong the battery life.

Equipment Compatibility
Voltage and Interface Matching: Ensure that the voltage and output power of the battery are compatible with the equipment used to avoid damage caused by voltage mismatch.
Periodic Inspection: Check the battery and charging equipment regularly for any damage or abnormality.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or interested in outdoor activities, then be sure to go to some events and exhibitions, you will have an unexpected experience, all-round understanding of the outdoor activities of the equipment. For example, OurDoor By ISPO (Munich, Germany), held on June 3-5, 2024 at theTrade Fair Center Messe München (MOC), can help us learn more about the dynamics of outdoor activities. Love the outdoors and power up your life!