Lithium batteries for multiple scenarios - Trolling motor

What is the best way to choose the right battery for your Trolling motor so that your boat has plenty of power and you don't have to worry about getting into trouble or running out of juice?

By far, many people will choose to use AGM batteries, which are readily available at any marine dealer, local big box store, or auto store. Inevitably, when using AGM batteries, you have to take into account their weight and the actual amount of power available, and many anglers usually keep a backup power source on hand in case of emergencies, and have to replace their batteries at least once every couple of years. As battery technology advances and batteries become more powerful, many people are choosing to replace their batteries with lithium batteries.

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Energy storage power supplies are always evolving and aiming to become more environmentally friendly. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are non-toxic, non-polluting and non-polluting during production and use, which is why they are used in marine activities.

Trolling motor battery system

A trolling motor consists of an electric motor, propeller and controller, usually mounted on the bow or stern of a boat. It is primarily used for precise and quiet maneuvering at slow speeds, making it ideal for fishing and other activities that require stealth and control.

Three voltage options: 12V, 24V, 36V

They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and when choosing the right LiFePO4 battery to power them we need to take into account many aspects of our needs to ensure that the battery and the Trolling motor are highly compatible and perform optimally.

When selecting a battery, it is important to consider the voltage of the Trolling motor's battery system, as different voltages can fulfill different needs.

A 12V Trolling motor can meet general trolling requirements and is usually used on smaller boats with less than 70lbs of thrust, but cannot meet higher thrust requirements and running times. There is a wide selection of 12V batteries, such as the SANFOU 12V 100Ah, 12V 200Ah, 12V 300Ah, and the latest 12.8V 100Ah Upgrade, all of which are capable of meeting power needs, but you should pay attention to whether or not they are capable of meeting the thrust requirements and runtime you need when selecting a battery.


24V trolling motors are for medium sized boats with less than 100 lbs. of thrust, if your boat uses this type of motor, then selecting a SANFOU 24V battery will meet the higher power and longer run time requirements of this type of trolling motor.
There are also a variety of 24V lithium iron phosphate batteries available, so choose the right one for your needs.

Designed for use in larger boats (<120 lbs) and heavy duty applications, the 36V trolling motor delivers the highest level of thrust and is ideal for anglers who require superior performance. However, it is worth noting that 36V systems cost more and have limited battery options.
When your boat uses this model Trolling motor, then you may want to consider choosing multiple batteries in series and parallel to form a battery pack to meet the power requirements, but be aware that the batteries used should be of the same make and model, and preferably recently purchased, to avoid damage to the batteries.

Boat size and weight, Trolling motor power requirements, running time
Boat size, weight and Trolling motor should be matched, otherwise it can't provide the right thrust to meet the normal sailing requirements of the boat, less than 70lbs for small boats; less than 100lbs for medium-sized boats. When choosing, please carefully match the parameters of the battery, the boat, and the trolling motor.
When choosing the right lithium battery, in addition to voltage matching, you should also pay attention to the power requirements of the trolling motor, which is closely related to the running time and performance you need.

Batteries mounted on a boat add to the overall weight, and the difference in weight between an AGM battery and a Li-Ion battery can be up to three times the weight of the same model, which also affects the performance of the Trolling motor, and we recommend the LiFePO4 Battery for its cost-effectiveness, both because of its lighter weight, and also because of its higher performance and longer runtime, DOD 100% and space saving.

Trolling Motor Applications
Fishing: Allows anglers to quietly approach schools of fish and hold position without disturbing the water surface.
Navigation: Provides precise control when navigating narrow waterways or around obstacles.
Recreational Boating: For recreational cruising on lakes, rivers and coastal waters.

SANFOU LiFePO4 Battery is a lightweight, high performance battery that meets your needs for trolling motor power, runtime and performance, making it a great partner for marine activities. Choose SANFOU to give you a good experience.

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