Main Types of Adventure Travel

Adventure travel can boost your mood and improve mental health, which attract the curious and the thrill- seeker. And as the vacation coming, travelers with active and open minds to adventure. Go outdoor adventure travel can reduce your stress and lead to a lower risk of depression. In the travel, You can make Like-minded friends. There are main types of adventure travel below, climbing, hiking, clycling, canoeing, bungee jumping.


If you enjoy exercise, climbing may be one of the best interest activities you can indulge in. climbing is the most familiar sport for adventure enthusiast, an completely trend sport, which involves different physical activity, like Ice climbing, mountaineering, free climbing, free soloing, highballing, bouldering,traditional climbing, deepwater soloing ,Top roping and aid climbing etc. Climbing provide a series physical and mental health benefit. It help to build strength, strenghthens core muscles better than exercise routines designed to focus on that particular region.


Hiking is soaring in popularity, which is one of the best way to exercise, image that a long and free walk in the countryside, you can completely immerse yourself in the nature. With friend, with family, you will get into a comfortable stage. And there without any special skills to be needed in hike. The other side that is make your leg more energy, long sit in the official will cause a series of issue, hiking can promotes physical fitness and kindly for beginners. It comes with other health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, improving sleep quality and reducing depression and anxiety. But don't forget back up power device for charge your electronic device.


Cycling also called the biking, an aerobic activity, as the data show, there will be 1 billion people ride bicycles every day mainly for traffic, sport. A health and easy sport, which suitable for every age of person. Cycling to work or to the shop is one of the efficient way which combine the regular exercise and daily life. It is so funny and cheap and which benefit to the environment.


Canoeing is a very popular water sport and now expand every place in the world.People get into a small boat, called a canoe, designed specifically for the sport, which is more of a competitive sport, using primarily a single-blade paddle to steer the canoe down the river. Canoeing is a type of paddling sport in which the rider kneels or sits facing forward in the canoe and uses a single-blade paddle to propel the canoe. The difference between a canoe and a kayak is that a kayak has a double-blade paddle while a canoe has a single-blade paddle. What they have in common is that both riders sit and paddle.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an exciting recreational activity in which participants jump headfirst from a high structure with an elastic rope tied to their feet. After a period of free fall, the rope reaches its maximum extension. When it rebounds, it will bounce back. This sport has become very popular in recent years and is played almost everywhere in the world. Bungy jumping also has a weight limit, it has an average minimum weight limit of 43kg and a maximum weight limit of 118kg. Different regions have different weight requirements. Some bungee jumping also requires vision. It is not recommended for people with severe vision to go bungee jumping. When the elastic cord is pulled upward, the eye pressure will increase sharply, which will damage your retina, and bungee jumping can cause eye injuries.