New gears and Tips for Camping in the rainy day

Camping is most charming activity, you will receive a precious camping memory that enjoy the funny bring by nature. But always some special situation exists you may hard to avoid, like stormy, however, someone like camping in the rainy day, they enjoy the rain slapping on the face and think it more interesting. But camping in the rainy day with some potiential threat like heavy rain conducts electricity, without safety, how can we protect ourselves from heavy rain and how to prepare in advance. I will make a list of new gears and tips for caming in the rainy day, hope I can help you solve more.

Check the local weather

You need to pay attention on forecast at first, to learn the weather situation in advance before you start a camping trip. Check the local weather of your destination rather than the total forecast of the whole hometown or city. There will be some miss forecast on the space you stay and sometimes the distance will forecast an error. learn the forecast in advance can effectively arrange anyother activies when camping and kindly deal with storm.

Choose the right tent

When camping beginners choose tents, they tend to listen to what the merchants say. The tents they finally buy have various problems and even cannot block the rain, which affects the user experience. My recommendation is to buy a double-layer tent. It is the best choice to avoid rain. It has double protection and keeps the inside of the tent dry. You should check the inside of the tent for water leaks before you go camping. Important equipment can be placed inside the tent. Remember not to use a stove or light a fire inside the tent, which may easily cause a fire. Good quality tent will influence the experience of camping.

Select the suitable location

You need to select the suitable location before set up a tent, check the tent you wanna set up whether the place is the flattest part of the ground,check any puddles around the tent location. Put a tarp on the bottom and top of the tent to insulate your bed cover or other essentials from the tent walls,to prevent rainwater from seeping in from the windows. So choosing a suitable location in advance to set up a tent can effectively avoid obstacles to camping in rainy days.

Prepare some dry firewood

You'd better have some dry firewood or you can buy them in advance, bonfire camping after the rainy day is an enjoyable thing. You'd better put the firewood inside or underneath your car, or store all the dry firewood in your plastic bag or anyother water-proof bag which can protect your dry firewood. The less moisture there is in the firewood, the faster the fire will start. So before the rainny day, you need to collect the dry firewood in the forest in advance and carry them to a sheltered location.

Buy a Portable Power Station

Running power out of outdoor? A portable power station can help you solve electricity issue, to charge your small device simultaneously,like iphone, laptop, camera. when you wanna listern long music, it can also power your speaker. Of course, the higher power the power station is , the more high power device can be charged simultaneously, you can buy based on your power demand. Some power station have the light setting, and you don't need to buy extra lights.

Plan some funny games

You will not feel boring when you plan some interesting indoor games before camping in the rain, particularly when you together with some friends , play game like card games or others physical games, if the space you stay allows more room to play, you can prepare more games for fun. And you will enjoy this rainning camping and forgot the terrible things. Or you can choose to record your trip on your journal,write down the feeling by you pen, a good way to kill time.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Camping in the rain is very rare thing among all the camping, if you are experience now, you will have a unique memory and you can share these stories to your friends and families. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, Look at the foggy bring by the rain in the forest while you play games and chat with your friends in the tent. You are likely find that rainny camping may create great stories and memories, even if you don't appreciate it at that time.

This part talk about the gears of camping in the rain:

Tent, Blanket, Poncho, Backpack, Jacket, Dry Bag,Hiking boot,Rope,Trousers,Sleeping bag, Power station, first-aid kit, Backpack Rain Cover.