Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PV)

Photovoltaic solar energy is gradually become a newly usable energy based on technology, it mainly use the silicon as the semi-conductor material to transform the solar energy into electricity, provide the green and massive power to the home equipment for home owner.

How to definite it? the photo abbreviation is “pho” that mean light while the volt means electricity, power, so the complete called the photovoltaic mean of light-electricity. The conformation of solar panel is absorb the solar energy, and transform it to supply the electricity on the home power. The good new is PV help the cost of solar panel low down, many consumer likely to choose the way to gain power, make green and environmental way into our life.

Before we talk about the work process of PV, we need to figure out what is the photovoltaic effect. It is same like the light hits the material that cause the emission of electrons. Photons is the sunlight that made up of packets of energy, which falls on the solar panel and generate an eletric current through the photovoltaic effect. You need to distinguish the conception of photoelectric and photovoltaic. They all based in the effect of the light, but photoelectric make the emission of photons to the open space in the effect of incident light, while the photovoltaic mainly focus on the interaction if light with two different material and cause the production of photons. Photovoltaic effect can cause the generation of the current and photoelectric can not produce the current.

One solar panel can release small power, support to charge the telephone, laptop etc, but in parallel with other solar panels can produce massive energy, can charge more device simultaneously. The electricity can be utilized for the home appliance, which showed in the form of direct current and need to change to alternating current AC by DC to AC inverter, make it usable in wide application. Solar panels and photovoltaic systems in identical definition.

Notice that connect solar cells supported in two ways, series and parallel.You can connect solar cells in two different ways: series and parallel. By these way, photovoltaic module need to be made on different voltage according to the different usage situation. The photovoltaic module can be made by normally connect several solar cell with each other within a supporting situation.


Stand-alone Power Application

Generally speaking, in some remote and rural place, its hard to power those stand-alone power applications. It might consume cost and not convenient to gain power, but PV technology can be entirely used to power stand-alone power applications in urban areas, like traffic lights, radio transmitters, and water pumps, which now become the hot solution.  


PV solar technology can used to provide back-up power for electrified vehicles such as cars, boats and aircraft. Take an example, can always be placed outside the house. It is helpful to help charge batteries that put the PV cells on car roofs. It can also powers satellite navigation and air conditioning. Automobile sunroofs can include PV for onboard power needs or trickle-charging batteries. the best way to optimize photovoltaic cells for transportation is by using them, not only on the vehicle, but in the environment around the vehicle. PV solar technology can be utilized at a wide variety of locations including shopping mall or motorway services. 

Solar Farms

Photovoltaic panels can provide electricity for public utilities, when the sun moves, use the maximum power point, track the sun, find the maximum power point, and generate electricity for the public utility field. Put the same land on the PV solar technology and agriculture. A recent study found, Combine the value of RV and shade tolerant crops will create an increase on economic.

In the Remote Location

PV solar technology is a attractive solution for remote power system, which can save cost, power anywhere, even though in the bad situation. In the remote area, It is not always cost-effective, convenient, or even possible to extend power lines to locations where electricity is needed. Utilize the green energy can protect our environment. The power systems using large amounts of renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaic are emerging as technically reliable options for electricity supply.

Modern PV Solar Energy

With the shortage of supply and the fossil fuels declining in volume, the countries across the globe have been looking for alternate ways for the generation of electrical energy, they prefer to choose which energy cause less environment impact due to global warming. PV solar energy technology has become dramatically popular in the industries and business for its cost- effectively features. As the global scale economic continuously expand, the demand of power supply in the growing trend, photovoltaic use the high-grade technology base on the newly materials, not use harmful material. Now become the eco-power style in our daily life.