RV TRAVEL: Liven Up Life

At your every stage of life, you find it is hard to have time to stop and observe the beauty world around you . When we were studying, we focused on learning, and when we grew up, we devoted more to work. As time flows, you will find that the connection between you and your friends is getting farther, and the time period between you and your friends is always staggered. Enjoy an RV travel with your friends, take time to have relax and entertainment in your busy life.


What You Can Gain From RV Travel?

1. Precious Memories

A caravan travel, a group of like-minded friends, imagine that you can enjoy leisure activities in a caravan without any pressure. Every destination you arrive at is recording the new people or things you saw. This kind of experience cannot be bought by money, final it leaves precious memories during the journey.

2. More Freedom                                                                         

You can stop anytime and anywhere. The biggest feature of RV travel is to realize the freedom of travel. You can bring the equipment that you feel light to travel. Even if you are traveling, the feeling same like at home. When you stop halfway, you can choose to get out of the RV with your friends to participate in various outdoor activities, have a cup of coffee, experience a wonderful afternoon tea, play group building games, or choose to sleep in the RV to keep your energy up and continue Go to the next destination. This kind of travel will not make you feel tired at all.

3. Open Mood

The experiences you create on your RV trip or your reactions to new ideas will help you find yourself. Traveling with an open mind can immerse you in new cultures, ideas, and even ways of life. Make you feel happy and organize your thoughts. RV travel doesn't always go smoothly, but it can give you total independence and force you to make your own decisions. You do not have the support of the conditions at home,you don’t have nice tool help you. Anyway, when you face problem, you have to come up with a new way to solve it. You may come to a new destination and find that it is not what you expected. Perhaps, the place doesn't have the usual amenities.

4. Wonderful friendship

How long has it been since you played with your friends, and how long have you not had a good chat with your friends? Taking the time to take a RV trip with your friends can enhance your relationship, RV travel creates space for you to have a conversation. You will find more interesting and like-minded friends during the journey. They have the same interests and hobbies as you. One more friend brings more happiness to share.


Some destinations suitable for RV travel

1. Scotland's North Coast 500

As you drive 500 miles up the north coast of Scotland, you pass some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, as the best RV travel in Europe, with plenty of RV and camping options on either side, this road, known as Scottish Route 66, has wide driving roads, beautiful coastal scenery , blue seas and white sandy beaches, with cozy bars, a 19th-century cathedral and a towering castle. The 516-mile route winds through the soggy heather carpets of the bleakly beautiful Highlands, passing crumbling castles, weather-beaten fishing towns and backwoods wineries with just about everything your travels could ask for.

2. Chugach State Park

A park like paradise. I think you have heard that Chugach State Park is one of the most convenient and spectacular natural areas in the United States. It's just minutes from Anchorage's amenities and offers full-bore Alaskan adventure. You'll find many convenient recreational spaces, often adjacent to parking lots with well-maintained trails and amenities. The 500,000-acre park, one of the four largest state parks in the United States, looms over the majestic peaks of the Anchorage Bowl Mountains. This exceptional accessibility presents unique opportunities for travelers. You can spend a few hours exploring the great outdoors in Alaska, then easily end the day with wholesome dining and comfortable lodging in a big city.

3. Florida’s Historic Coast

Along the coastline, there are numerous RV resorts and campgrounds offering the perfect haven for RV enthusiasts. With 42 miles of beautiful beaches, you and your friends have the opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Florida's historic coast is a culinary paradise with a thriving dining scene that certainly adds to the romance of this magical place. While you're enjoying your meal, you can also sit back and take in the surroundings, and you'll be surrounded by nature as you explore the coastline, rivers, parks and nature reserves.


Let me make a List about essential items for your RV travel

1. Portable Power Station

RV Traveling requires a lot of power, especially when you leave the central city and reach a remote area, where there are almost no devices that can provide you with power, a portable solar power station can charge your mobile phones, tablets, cameras, Car refrigerator, microwave oven , still connected with the internet world.

2. Solar Panel

Solar power station with solar panel, will better use the solar energy to gain electricity, you don’t need to worry power when natural disaster strikes, when sufficient energy is stored by solar panel, your electronic devices use will not be affected by any harsh conditions.

3. Clothes

Need to bring clothes according to the weather conditions. If you go to a place near the sea, you can bring cool clothes such as short sleeves, swimsuits, water shoes, etc. If you choose to a slightly colder area, don’t forget to bring thick plush clothes, it is best to bring your blanket.

4. Camping chair

Camping chairs are necessary on your RV travel, for the space in the RV is limited. If you want to get out of the car to play outdoor games or want to sit down and breathe the fresh air outside, camping chairs can bring a lot of convenience.

5. Sunscreen

Outdoor sun is very poisonous. If you don’t pay attention to sun protection, it will cause greatly damage to your skin. You need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin layer and reduce the probability of getting tanned.

6. Insect repellent

When you're travel in the woods, you're bound to see bugs. Bugs flying around you will affect your travel mood. Insecticides can help you remove these disturbances. It is best to have a few more bottles of insecticides to protect your sleep.

7. Kitchen supplies

You need to carry the kitchen utensils that we use every day, such as knives, plates, small cooking pots, etc. It is best to spend some time planning all the meals before starting the trip. An RV meal plan can save time and stress on the road. I recommend you buy some small foldable kitchen utensils, which can greatly save space.

8. First Aid Kit and Prescription Medicine

In the event of an emergency, First aid kit or medicine can solve the emergency situation.


Tips for RV travel:

Don't drive for too long, rest well before starting!

Better to know the weather forecast and prepare the route in advance!