Solar generator, a prior choice for outdoor adventurers

Outdoor adventure travel is a fast-growing activity that is gaining in popularity. How to define it?

Adventure travel is about relaxing, staying active at a comfortable pace, immersing yourself and connecting with the destination on a physical level. Outdoor adventure travel allows us to have a deeper understanding of the terrain and culture of the destination. It is undoubtedly a perfect experience.

There are several types of outdoor adventure travel, from hiking, mountain biking, rafting, canyoning, etc.

With the popularity of electronic devices, our daily life has been inseparable from them, so how to solve electricity issue during our long-distance travel, Solar generator can completely solve it. You can charge your power station through the following three ways, wall adapter, Type-C input, solar panel. With it, you don't have to worry about phone,cameras, electric bicycles, lights out of power,  certainly meet your power needs.

If you want to ride an electric bicycle for a long time, you can use the energy conversion of solar panels to provide electricity to the power station, and the power station will charge your electric bicycle, which greatly facilitates travel. When natural disasters come, the power station will not be affected, a small power station can play a big role, an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers!