The Ultimate Guide of Blizzard Preparation

Definition: Blizzard is a nature Phenomenon, it also called snow storm which cause low temperature and some severe weather condition, it will bring bad transportation on the road, communication interruption and result in the power outrage in the rural. With the influence of strong wind, blizzard have the low visibility and it mainly caused by strong winds drive heavy snow, without the amounts of snow will not reach the form of blizzard. Prepare gears for the blizzard is effectively protect your family and home. This article definitely focus on the tips of blizzard preparation.


1.Keep Warm-- Attention to the weather by radio, listen to the broadcast and radio. Stay at home for protect your body, in order to prevent Hypothermia and frostbite, thick clothes and quilts are indispensable. If the stove available at home that’s better.

2.Make a complete plan-- Have a discussion with your families and friends about what you will do and which plan will be take. If a blizzard warning is received, family and friends need to be notified in place, make sure everyone has thick clothes, keep warm, and be ready to evacuate at any time. Life safety is the first priority.

3.Back-up power -- You should make a complete back-up power plan no matter whether it is no guarantee on blackout, it always not wrong to prepare everything in advance. Battery or Solar power station can suitable as the home back-up power device. At least, the solar generator can power one week. You can also plan and organize a game to let the family join in, without electricity will be boring, with family game , that be funny.

4.Stay indoors-- To prevent cold air from entering the house, check that doors and windows are closed, close off any unnecessary rooms, and concentrate heat as much as possible. Before closing the doors, windows and rooms, make sure whether the external conditions have reduced the possibility of danger, whether the external equipment is placed in the house, if it is not suitable to be placed in the house, whether it is fixed in a good position to avoid the influence of the snowstorm. After closing the doors and windows of the house, do not use grills, gas, etc. indoors. This practice has the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is life-threatening.

5.First-aid kit-- If you encounter a snowstorm during outdoor activities, you need to prepare a survival kit in advance. When you are stuck on the mainland or cannot walk on snow-covered roads, these essentials can help you solve many problems. Depending on the numberof your families or friends, make sure your survival kit includes enough food, drinking water, medication, personal hygiene items, phones and back-up power. The first aid kit is essential in the blizzard which can save. But it better no leave the car or house for you due to the potential.

6.Wear heavy clothes-- If you outdoor extreme low temperatures can cause frostbite, dress for the season to protect against the elements. Wear heavy clothing, scarves, gloves and boots.

7.Check your car-- Check the tires of the car before the blizzard and check the tire pressure regularly. Only when the car has enough tire tread can the safety of the car on the road be improved. In addition to checking the tire tread, check whether the front wipers are worn, and replace them in time if worn. Check that the fuel tank is half full to prevent ice from forming in the tank. In addition, the car needs to have a complete tool kit, small batteries, mobile phones, shovels, food, power stations, first aid kits, and tire repair props.