Type of Photography

Nature Photography 

Nature Photography conclude the landscape and underwater photography. The landscape photography is most popular photography, which easier than other photography to produce high quality picture. Landscape photography focus on the scene, wonderful scenery exists everywhere and always attractive to catch our eyes in our daily life. Photographer even not need to adjust the angle of camera when the background is entirely vibrant, take an example, image that the blue sky integrate with clean water and green mountains. There is no doubt that when we truly see and photograph the world described by the poet, we hope it will be raunchy,that’s the reason why it become the first style of photography for the photograph enthusiasts. Here also some friends who enjoy the outdoor travel and record, they also prepare an solar power station to power their camera, for the record frequency and generate beauty picture.

Underwater photography is hard to take, which require the photographers who have the professional diving skills and can entirely adapt the underwater environment, with underwater experience, they can easily get the underwater biological photo by use the waterproof camera and lighting gear.



Astrophotography is the most difficult to produce images. For the beginners, beauty image can be achieved with the guide of professional photography. It is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment according to the style of astrophotography. The equipment can no need to be too advanced but it should be completely prepared. There are several types of astrophotography: Nightscape,Solar System,Lunar. Someone like take astronomical images in their backyard or balcony while others like go outdoor for astrophotography. Only ensure which style of the astrophotography you wanna choose can form the pretty picture.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is more attractive, it symbolizes fashion and era, always go ahead to adapt the trend,the creativity and continuous innovation is needed. The works of fashion photography emphasize the match of the accessories and the style of model, this type of photographer should focus on the interactive with the model, provide several postures points to the model, mainly used for advertisements or fashion magazines, commercialize. The optimal way for people who wanna promote their artistic works.

Portrait Photography

Some people consider the photography as a hobby, some make it become their career, Many professional photographers focus on taking portraits when they first start out. This type of photography is relatively simple and easy to work. Portrait photogr aphy emphasize the personality, need combine lighting and angle, make characters more natural. The portrait photography can be divide into several parts, official or casual. For professional and commerce use will spend more than the lifestyle portraiture photography which can be easily take.

⑤Product Photography

Product photography mainly for the profit, with the growing trend of the online shopping, many enterprise usually renew the product picture on the official for drive the interest of the customer. Product photography not only show the appearance of products, but also let potential clients know what kind of side does the products use. Photographer need to know about the feature and function of the products, so that can choose the right scene suitable for the products.

⑥Street Photography

Street photography stress on the sensibility, traditional street photography mainly color tone generally use bronze, with the feature of old and full of history, new fashion street design focus on the high-grade sense, with city atmosphere. Photography’s works basically reflect the things interested and how they feeling, show the world what they see. Sometimes photographer catch a moment, sometimes express the story by the picture. Street photograph is a way to document people life, a form of visual art.

Pet Photography

Pet photography can show us the personality and habit of pets, (cute,lively or naughty), pet is also one of the family member. Take pet photography is not such easy due to the pose of pets can be hard to controlled. The subject matter is plenty, and you can go for natural, candid shots or portraits. However, pet photography is not easy as pets don’t pose like humans. If pet is naughty, it will run around and very difficult for the photographer use the camera to capture clearly. If there are some food, that would be better.

⑧Food Photography

Food Photography is harder than it seems. Without practice, food photo will become general. Food photography mainly aim to make the food look so delicious.The food industry generally needs high-quality food images to attract customers' attention, and they have high requirements for food photography. Generally, professional photographers are chosen, but beginners can use the high resolution of mobile phones to take pictures of food, and the results are sometimes better than professional ones.

⑨Aerial photography

Aerial photography is shooting off the ground, like airplane, drone, hot air balloon. Take photo from the air, very cost-effective. The efficiency and quality basic mainly depend on the weather condition, daytime, the quality of camera equipment. Aerial photography depend on what kind of your photo concept. And you need to make sure the weather in your photograph place, if the sunset, the effect of photograph will be better due to the shine. You can consult the pilot about the right time.

⑩News Photography

Photojournalism is photography that tells news stories. It also has several types, such as documentary photography, war photography, and street photography. This requires the photographer to be honest, fair, and rigorous. He has contributed a lot of material to the news media. By providing news stories, Compared with other photography, social photography can attract passers-by and reflect social phenomena by spreading stories. In addition, photographers must be well-informed, knowledgeable, and able to spread informative and interesting news in a creative way.