Type of Solar System Form


On-grid system the most common type of solar system, it also known as a grid-tie solar system, these system connect the local utility company,。Any solar enegry generated from grid-tie system will final output to the electricity grid in the daytime, and you will get the feed-in tariff subsidy,on-grid system very ideal to balancel the productibe of electricity, you will use the electricity grid in the evening. The fluctate of solar energy mainly influenced by the weather condition, one day time and the season. House owner can use this on-grid system to provide electricity for low energy production, which save the evergy cost. This type system is differ from hybrid system, and for safety consideration, on-grid system can hard to run when the power cut; The power cut usually exists on the grid damage. And it will be threat the security for Network Restorers if the solar inverter still feed the electricity to the damange grid. However, Most hybrid solar system with battery storage can automatic islated from electricity grid and still run in the power outrage.


Off-grid solar system best suited for those remote area which hard to provide electricity, these system need battery, home or enterprise without battery storage system which hard to use electricity at night. Battery system store more electricity, can keep the light and use in the evening. This type solar system basically provide ultimate energy independence and conclude solar panel, charger controller, battery and solar inverter, mainly to transfer the DC to the AC if solar panel, to some extent, it also decide that the off-grid system more expensive than the on-grid system base on the high cost of inverter. Here are two source to back up your power, first one is the battery. When using a solar system, in addition to the electricity used by the appliance itself, the excess power will be output to the battery pack, and when the battery pack is fully charged, it will be disconnected from the solar system. When the solar system is not running, your equipment will mainly run from the battery system gain electricity. Back-up generator is also a good solution, you need back-up power when in bad weather (cloudy) or power outage.


Hybrid solar system is the combine of on-grid and off-grid. In this system, solar system connect electricity grid and battery to save energy.It is a flexible solution, and it can gain energy not only from the electricty grid but also the battery while in the energy demand over the energy productive. This type of system allows house owner transfer the remaining electricity generated from solar systerm to the municipal grid for electricity bill credits, which can save the electricity bill. In this type of system, once the appliances in your home start using solar power and the solar system starts running, any excess power is fed into your battery bank, and when the battery bank is full, it stops receiving power from the solar system. Depending on how the hybrid system is set up and whether the utility allows it, when the battery is fully charged, excess solar energy not needed by the equipment can be exported to the grid through the meter. When your solar system is not in use, your device will start drawing power from the grid if you drain the available charge from your battery. This hybrid solar system is undoubtedly a very efficient home solar system


If you are struggling with the best solar system for your home or business, you need to know the differences between these systems in advance, consider which solar solution is right for your home, and you can determine the right solar system based on your location. Make a choice after weighing!