Types of RV batteries

Great time to enjoy RV travel. RV have several type of batteries, what's the difference between these batteries, how to choose RV suitable battery? I will divide into several parts about RV batteries relevant advantage and disadvantage of them. I hope the following content can help you!

1. Lead-acid battery

As a traditional power storage device, lead-acid batteries are currently more mainstream, especially RV manufacturers are more willing to use them. Its advantages and disadvantages are also obvious.

① Advantages

Lead-acid batteries are favored by RV companies due to their high safety, low price, and stable battery performance. They have become the preferred product of mainstream RV companies and are currently the most commonly used batteries in RVs.

② Disadvantages

The biggest shortcoming of lead-acid batteries is their large weight. Take a 100Ah lead-acid battery as an example. Its single weight is about 30kg, and that of 200Ah is about 60kg. It is relatively bulky and large in size.

2. Lithium battery

With the development of new energy, great progress has been made in the research and development and use of lithium batteries, and many RV modifications have begun to use lithium batteries.

① Classification

Currently, the mainstream lithium batteries on the market include lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more commonly used in RVs because they are safer and more stable.

② Advantages

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium iron batteries have obvious advantages in charge and discharge efficiency, power storage, volume and weight. The volume of a lithium-iron battery with the same specifications is basically only half that of a lead-acid battery, and its volume is only about one-third. Lithium batteries have higher charging and discharging efficiency and longer service life.

③ Disadvantages

The disadvantages of lithium batteries are mainly in two aspects: price and safety: on the one hand, the price of lithium batteries is almost twice or more than that of lead-acid batteries, and the cost of use is higher; on the other hand, the quality of lithium batteries is not stable and the safety is Still needs to be improved.

However, because the advantages of lithium batteries are more obvious, more and more car owners choose to install lithium batteries to store electrical energy. However, lithium iron phosphate batteries are generally preferred because of their higher stability. Many new energy RVs that have spontaneously ignited before were all ternary lithium batteries.

Hope you select the suitable and safety battery!