Well Worth the Need for Pure Sine Wave Inverter


With the continuous development of new energy technologies, people choose to use more environmentally friendly energy in their daily life to reduce carbon emissions, for the sake of health. For people's more dependence on electronic devices, pure sine wave inverter become an important part of the use for renewable energy. Whether it is household electricity, outdoor travel, or the demand for backup electricity power, when we use solar power device to generate electricity, it is impossible to get solar power by relying solely on the output of solar panels and solar power stations, because solar panels output flow in one direction with DC output. As our home electricity is AC, pure sine wave inverter can convert DC of the solar panel into AC, achieve the effect of two-direction flow, for everyone to use.

Pure sine wave inverter is an advanced power conversion device, which can output high-quality AC by flexibly changing the direction of the current. Age pure sine wave inverter technology is not mature enough, with low efficiency and expensive feature, hard to be the power choose for the families and enterprises. In recent years, pure sine wave inverter technology has gradually developed perfect, cost-effective, stable, safe and reliable.

How does pure sine wave inverter work?

When pure sine wave inverter connected to the (solar panel/solar power station) DC power supply, in the switching stage, DC signal is converted into a high-frequency signal through pulse width modulation (PWM), and will converted into a square-wave AC signal by chopping; With sharp of the square wave, and the inverter grinds the sharp corners of the square wave signal through various filters to make the AC signal smoother and close to the sine wave; before the sine wave is output, the AC signal needs to enter the voltage regulation stage,in fact, the input voltage of the power supply itself is not high, but it is far from enough for the needs of household electricity and enterprise power generation. At this time, it is necessary to increase the power supply voltage to match the voltage in the required area, and enter the sine wave generation stage through boost transmission to generate high-quality of AC for house use. So what are the benefits of using pure sine wave?

What are the benefits of using pure sine wave?

① Can reduce noise, use electric fans, light or other equipment by the pure sine wave inverter to basically not hear humming,and produce very little wave sound,If it was just a normal inverter it would make noise.

② With a longer service life, running your equipment with pure sine wave inverter will reduce situation like equipment failure or downtime.

③ High compatibility, can be applied to various devices, such as medical equipment, Micro-wave oven,fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifier,laptop,solar generator,solar panel and fax machine.

What are the types of inverters?

There are three types of inverters, sine wave, modified sine wave and square wave.

① Square wave inverters

Very easy to understand that the voltage output waveform of square wave inverter is a square wave. This inverter has the lowest frequency of use due to low efficiency and low compatibility issue. Unless it is very old, older devices will need to use a square wave. Most of the equipment we use now is basically designed for sine wave power supply. Assuming that it is used to provide square waves for sine wave equipment, it will easily cause equipment damage and shorten its service life. Square wave inverters are gradually eliminated.

② Sine wave inverters

The output waveform of the inverter voltage is sine wave, which provides a very stable current for residential and business electricity consumption. The main advantage of this inverter is that some devices will not be able to fully output power without using a sine wave. The inverter has high cost, high efficiency, safety, cleanness and stability, and is easily accepted by the public.

③ Modified sine wave inverters

This kind of inverter refers to modified sine wave, its structure is more complex than square wave inverter, but simpler than pure sine wave inverter, and its shape is similar to sine wave. The disadvantage of using a modified sine wave inverter is that the peak voltage usually varies with the battery voltage. Low cost, not safe protection enough, if there is no regulation of the power supply, the modified sine wave inverter will cause the electronic equipment to run unstable due to the current. Unstable factors still exist.

Difference between pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter

Efficiency - Pure sine wave inverters are more efficient than modified sine wave inverters, the use and waste of power for modified sine wave inverters is an issue. The inverter converts the electrical energy from DC to AC which consumes some energy, does not convert the power at the optimum level, also needs some power to run it, and as the size of the modified sinusoidal inverter increases, it will It loses some power, and its efficiency will also decrease. But pure sine wave inverter can solve this problem by stabilizing the output with current for power conversion at an great level,but this high-efficiency operation of pure sine wave inverter will lead to higher costs.

Voice- Modified sine wave inverters cause some humming when running for fans and other equipment, compared to pure sine wave inverters, which can effectively reduce fluorescent lamps, fans, game consoles, etc. The pure sine wave inverters makes the equipment run more safely, quietly and stably.

Design- The modified sine wave inverter is relatively simple in design and can be used for some equipment with low sensitivity, generally used for old equipment. Pure sine wave has been used for debugging for various equipment, and the design is relatively complicated, such as medical equipment if needed For the operational use of this delicate device, consider a pure sine wave inverter.


① Check carefully before use to ensure that the application equipment used is within the rated power range;

② Any attempt to abuse the overload will trigger the overload protection and may cause damage to the device and application used;

③ Supervised use required, not suitable for small children or those with reduced physical fitness.