What should be considered when camping in the Desert

Desert camping is a very special and adventurous type of camping. There are beautiful scenery in the desert, but there are also some safety hazards. If you camp without knowing how to deal with it, the surrounding environment may be potentially dangerous. The weather in the desert changes greatly, and flash floods are likely to erupt. Travelers should be prepared to have a safe and unforgettable desert camping trip , Before going on the road, you need to consider some precautions for safety. When planning a camping trip, it's important to consider seasonal temperatures, weather patterns, flora and fauna when deciding what gear to pack and where to camp.

1.Prepare enough water

The most important thing is to prepare enough water. Water is a scarce resource in the desert. Don’t forget to bring water even if you leave the campsite for a few minutes. Dehydration in a hot and dry environment is very risky. At the same time, don't forget to bring a water filter. Most desert puddles are polluted. Use a water filter device to filter out impurities in the water. Secondly, bring a water bottle to hold water.

2.Attention to the weather forecast

Before confirming desert camping, check the weather forecast in advance for rain and flash flood warnings. Don't underestimate the impact of weather. Rain, strong wind and sandstorm will greatly reduce your camping experience and bring danger. So check the weather in your chosen desert to decide when to start your trip. Even if these situations happen unexpectedly, remember to keep your gear nearby, secured in a shelter.

3.Check your car

Check the tires of the car in advance to see if they need to be replaced. Ensure good tire pressure can ensure better traction in the desert. In addition, you need to prepare two more tanks of gasoline, because it is difficult to have gas stations in the desert. The first aid kit is also very important. It is used in emergency situations. It is always good to have more preparations for storing medicines and some emergency supplies. Other vehicle essentials are also required: items such as cables, spare tire, and tire changing equipment. If you haven't learned certain car maintenance tasks, you can check them out on the channel and learn them before your trip.

4.Choose the beauty desert

Most people choose to camp in the desert to witness and take pictures of the beautiful campsites. The desert is very strange and beautiful. Do your homework in advance, study the terrain of the destination, and find a place where you can enjoy the beauty and vastness of the desert. It is easy to get beautiful pictures in places with canyons. The setting sun shines through the canyons, shining brightly.


Attention to sun protection, wear sunscreen and a sun hat to protect your face and neck, and you can wear sunglasses and goggles to prevent sand from entering your eyes and ears. Keep a hood and dust mask in your camping gear to avoid inhaling sand. Desert sand amplifies the intensity of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Wearing thin long sleeves can effectively prevent sunburn and prevent the skin from overheating.

6.Prepare back-up power

Back-up power is also necessary, it can keep you in touch with the outside world, and it can also solve emergency situations. When camping in the desert, it is generally far away from power sources or stores. Make sure that the equipment has enough power to support it. Solar panels is very nice to make full use of solar power, and you can also buy another solar power station, which is a perfect match, and you don't have to worry about the situation that you can't use electricity outdoors.