LifePo4 Battery

LifePo4 Battery

House Off-grid Best Choice

  • SANFOU 12.8 V 100 Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack 4


    High Capacity Pack

    Upgraded to 51.2V 400Ah Battery System


Practical Use on Off-grid System

SANFOU LifePo4 batteries store any solar energy collected from panels in order to run your entire home.

Store excess energy during peak sunlight hours and use it when needed, day or night.

Pracrical Use

Product Appearance


Does the SANFOU battery support series and parallel connection?

SANFOU Battery allowed in series and parallel based on this situation. {Connect in parallel = increase capacity and BMS, connect in series = increase voltage}

Battery in Series and parallel connection with need some condition:

①Same model(BMS, capacity,voltage)

②Same brand

③Recently purchased (3-6 months)

Does SANFOU Lifepo4 Batteries with BMS and bluetooth?

All SANFOU Batteries with BMS, without bluetooth now. But with bluetooth lifepo4 battery in the SANFOU Plan.

Can SANFOU Lifepo4 Batteries be used to start up my car?

Our batteries is suitable to charge most devices on the car, which can be the best replacement of lead-acid battery on travel, but we don't suggest using it as a start-up vehicle engine.

Why does SANFOU battery’s max. 5-second discharge current exceed the value on the battery parameters and is still discharging? Is the BMS protection function invalid?

SANFOU BMS protection needs to meet two conditions:

① The instantaneous discharge current of the battery continues to exceed this value

② The internal temperature of the battery reaches the protection value temperature (>55 degrees Celsius)

Since our internal batteries and BMS are made of high-quality materials, even if the instantaneous current generated is very large, the internal temperature of the battery will not be very high, so without the protection if the above two conditions are not met, don't worry about the safety issue.

However, we do not recommend that the instantaneous discharge current of the battery exceeds the value of the battery itself, as this will reduce the service life of the battery.