SANFOU 100w solar panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
SANFOU 100w solar panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel
Sanfou 100W Solar Panel

Sanfou 100W Solar Panel

Sanfou 100W Solar Panel, stay charged with the power of the sun! It's ideally suited for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages. It's lightweight, foldable and with an easy-carry handle, making it more portable.
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Short description:

If you have ever had to withstand days or weeks-long power outages, the idea of being able to be in control of your own power system is ideal.

Alternatively, people willing to install solar panels to create their own independent source of energy, SANFOU 100W solar panel is the best choice for you to save energy, no need to concerned about any power -cut when natural disaster strikes.

[FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE]: Magnetic handle and Telescopic belt, easy to carry, only 4.2KG, mainly applicable to outdoor life, Camping, RV travel, Hiking trip, Outdoor stall etc. Foldable design greatly saves space, making travel worry-free.

[SAFE AND EFFICIENT]: Ultra-high solar conversion rate, the solar conversion rate is as high as 23%, charging faster, green and safe. High-quality ETFE boosts solar battery power generation by 2.5%, anti-corrosion and durable, have a long service life. Gridless design increases the overall light-receiving area of solar panel , low loss and high output.

[COMPATIBLE AND RELIABLE]: Support various devices, like mobile phone, camera, notebook, TV, cool box, camping light, coffee machine, laptop, drone etc. Equipped with 1 USB-A (5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A) and 1 USB type-C port (5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A).

[BOX CONTENTS]: 1 x SANFOU 100 W solar panel, 1 x user manual.






20 Volts

Cell Efficiency


Dimensions (unfolded)

‎1228*536*25 mm

Dimensions (folded)

536*608*38 mm

Item Weight




Operating Temperature Range




Stable output improves device charging speed while

protecting your device from overcharging and overloading

equipped with 1*USB-A and 1*USB Type-C port,

which can charge mobile phones,

computers, cameras and other devices simultaneously


Equipped with magnets handle of 100w solar panel

can be automatically absorbed,easy to carry,

a telescopic belt inside the bracket can flexibly

adjust the angle of the layout to better face the sun

and Velcro design prevents the bracket from bouncing

                                      Unzip the zipper

           the small backpack on the back allows storage of data cables


With dustproof

SANFOU solar panel will not affect the use in case

(Notice: To maximize the lifespan of panel, better not to get wet)



Power generation efficiency up to 23%.

Under the sunlight, the refraction of sunlight is small,

sunlight is absorbed by the solar panel,

then converted into electrical energy



A Cup of Coffee, Enjoy Time of Relaxation

When you work outdoor , Solar panel power your coffee machine,

you can drink a cup of coffee whenever you want

Get Sun Whether it's Rainy or Cloudy

Enjoy a long-distance RV trip, you will not be affected by the bad weather.

Solar panel allows you to truely go off -grid,

bring you freedom to travel anywhere without having to give up the luxury of electricity

Camping Life, Precious Harvest

The affordability and power savings will greatly encourage you to camp more often.

No Hesitation! Go camping with Solar panel  now!   


Connected with a 600W solar power station

Allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously

click the button above to learn more about kit details

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