About Us

SANFOU An EU Brand with the warehouse in Germany,which specializes in high capacity LifePo4 batteries,

Providing sustainable energy solutions for various applications such as off-grid life,RVs, boats, fishing, solar panels, solar energy, camping and especially for house power outrage situations.

We tries its best to provide customers with safe and reliable, innovative and environmentally friendly backup power solutions,

so that people can enjoy a more convenient and better life, and strive to become a reliable and well-known brand in the field of global power supply.

Our History

Although SANFOU is a young brand , we have been innovating and researching almost 10 years which start from 2015.

SANFOU has more than 100 professional and technical personnel.

In order to response to global green energy and low-carbon life, focus on safety and sustainability, we strive to provide customers with cutting-edge backup power solutions.

We strive to create perfect off-grid systems (solar panels, lifepo4 battery, MPPT, inverter and a series of equipment),

From powering solar panels to ensuring uninterrupted energy during house power outages, SANFOU is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.

provide every user with a powerful power supply system, free power support, SANFOU is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.

Join us in our mission to create a world where sustainability. With SANFOU by your side, you can trust that your energy needs can be sufficent.

Experience the difference with SANFOU - where innovation meets reliability, and a brighter future awaits.

SANFOU Power, Green Life

Our Commitment to Products

SANFOU always puts quality and service first.

All SANFOU power supply products have been internationally certified to meet or exceed supervision, safety and environmental standards required by the market.

In addition, we are devoted to strict quality testing, timely customer service in order to win the support and trust of customers.