一、About Portable Power Station 600w

Q: What devices can the SANFOU powerstation power?

A: SANFOU powerstation can power devices with rated power less than 600W.

Q: How long can the SANFOU power station keep my devices powered?

A: Operating time = 576 Wh * 0.85 / device power. The working time of our devices is based on laboratory tests, the actual working time varies depending on the performance of the devices.

Q: How long does it take for this power station to fully charge?

A: Different charging methods take different time. Power adapter/Type-C port 100W charging time for 7-7.5 hours. Power adapter + PD100W charging time about 3.5 hours. Solar panel 100W charge for 7-8 hours. It takes about 10 hours with the car charge.

Q: How to charge power station?

A: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device, the LCD screen displays normally. Short press the power button to turn on the DC output, and again to turn off the DC output. When the LCD screen lights up, press and hold the AC button for 3 seconds, the AC 120V was displayed on the LCD screen, then AC output working. Press and hold for 3 seconds again, AC output will turn off.

After turn on the device, to charge by Type-C 100W or DC input, use AC,DC, QC 3.0, Type-C or Cigar Lighter port can direct charge other devices, each block has a corresponding button, use which input or output , correspondingly press the button of the block to which it belongs.

Q:Why is there no change in power when charging?

A: The display shows all data, the data it will showed rise slowly when charging, if no change need wait for while.

二、About Solar Panel 100W

Q: Is the solar panel waterproof?

A: Drizzling rain does not affect the use, but if they are used in heavy rain or soaked in water, it will still affect the use.

Q: Why it can not reach the maximum power?

A: The power data influenced by the angle to the sun and the weather condition.